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Add Sparkles in Your Favorite Wig

by Gerard

Are you wondering about adding glittery glam sparkles to your melt lace frontal wigs? Then you’re on the right page.

You may achieve this look by taking a piece of tinsel and tying it around a small section of wig hair close to your scalp. Tinsel wig hair ties are a great beauty project to undertake with a buddy because they might be challenging to execute on your alone.

However, this guide will thoroughly explain the procedure of adding tinsels to your wig hair. So, sit tight and follow till the end to have the barbie vibes!

You will need a tinsel tool like a small seam ripper or eyelash extension wand. A latch opens and closes the hook. Use it to tie tinsel in your wig hair.

Line up Tinsels with Wig strands

Attach some tinsel to a strand of your wig hair close to the part. Wrap a piece of tinsel the same length as your wig hair around a thick strand. Pinch tinsel and wig hair with thumb and ring finger. Choose tinsel that matches or contrasts your wig hair color and have fun. Use neon to make the glitz stand out.

Hold Them Tightly

You can stretch wig hair and tinsel using your fingers. Hold wig hair and tinsel with thumb and ring finger. Raise the index and middle finger 2 inches on the same hand (5.1 cm). Grab wig hair and tinsel.

Now, catch wig hair and tinsel with the tool’s hook and pull between thumb and forefinger. Unlatch the tinsel tool and set the arch so it sees. Holding the instrument with thumb and ring finger, slide it between your fingers. Just repeat till it’s second nature. Pinch tinsel and wig hair as you work.

Hook the Tool

Reconnect the wig hair and tinsel to the opening. To remove wig hair and tinsel, flip the tool so the open hook faces up and slide it back. Thread the loop between the thumb and index finger and capture the strands with the hook.

First, make a loop in the back of your head and thread a few strands of hair through it.

Pull the Loop

Tighten the knot by tugging the wig hair. With your free hand, gently pull the tinsel and wig hair. To untie the knot, slide it down with thumb and index finger.

Since tinsel won’t melt or break, wash, dry, and style your wig hair as usual. Tinsel can be knotted for additional security. Tinsel removal may become harder in the future.

Removing Tinsels

To untangle wig hair tinsel:

  • Slide the knot the other way.
  • Find the tinsel knot on your scalp to remove it.
  • Pull out the knot by pinching and moving it down your wig hair.
  • Cut the knot using tiny scissors if it’s stuck.

Bottom Line

You won’t be able to put them in rapidly until you’ve practiced a few times, but by the fifth or sixth strand, you will have the swing of it. A little dry shampoo applied to the roots can help prevent the tinsel from sliding down the hair and give it some body so it will stay place. If you want to keep your fairy hair intact, brush it gently and don’t let it get tangled, so you don’t have to strain on the strands.

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