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How to Use a Radar Detector?

by Gerard

Back in the ’70s, speeding was a common thing. Therefore, to prevent this law-bending the police needed some tracking gadget. The rising issue of speeding directed the invention of detector guns. Now, the drivers need something to detect the radars on the road to steer clear of costly tickets.

A radar detector is a device that sounds when it detects a nearby police detector gun. Let’s look into the detailed information about detector radar.

How Does A Radar Detector Work?

To understand what radar detectors do, you need to know what detector guns do. Radar guns are nothing but devices that tell the speed of the moving object. But in the current case, it signals the speed of the vehicle.

A radar gun throws out a radio wave that bounces back from the vehicle. In this happening, the frequency of the bounced wave changes. The radar gun notices this change and tells the speed of the moving vehicle. When the vehicle is moving toward the gun and has a high speed, the frequency increases.

Radar detectors catch the radio waves emitted by the detector guns on the road. In other words, they work as radio wave receivers. Here comes the useful part. Radar guns throw out a wide spectrum of radio waves but target only one vehicle.

A radar detector catches the extra waves and alerts the driver about the radar gun up ahead. As a result, the driver slows down the speed and carries on with his peaceful journey. Drivers install a radar detector to avoid speeding and, of course, the expense of a ticket!

Radar detectors aren’t of much use if the police use photo radars. Or they drive right up to you and turn on the radar gun.

How to Use a Radar Detector?

A radar detector can’t save you from that dreaded ticket if you have not mounted it right.

Mounting It Right

The operation of a radar detector is an automated process. It only requires pressing the power button to start working. However, many users mount inappropriately, which prevents them from catching the radio waves coming from the detector guns.

Most users mount the device high on their windshields. However, doing so prevents the radar detectors from catching the radio waves. Mount the detector lower on the windshield closer to the wipers.

The placement helps the detector capture most radio waves and you don’t get the ticket for loading to the windshield. As in some countries, mounting a radar detector on your windshield is illegal.

Using the Right Mode

The radio waves have different visibility compared to their environments. When driving in a city, your radar may sound a life-saving beep. But you may ignore it as a false alert and end up with a ticket. Hence, adjusting the sensitivity of a detector helps avoid troubles.

The City Mode

A radar detector detects radio waves. Hence, it may be a police detector gun or an automatic door. Without the city mode, your radar detector will sound every time it catches a radio wave. The city mode increases the frequency thresholds and only sounds when it detects a stronger wave.

The Highway Mode

You need maximum sensitivity on highways to stay clear from speeding vehicles and police tickets. Hence, switching to the highway mode gives you a timely signal for action.

The Auto Mode

Most radar detectors also feature an automatic mode. If you find picking a mode repeatedly difficult, you can set it to auto mode. It enables the radar to adjust its sensitivity based on your speed and the nearby radio waves.


Radar detectors are useful gadgets for detecting police radars on the road; Although, the speeders should be ticketed, but not everyone breaks the law intentionally. Or sometimes, you may not know the allowed speed limit on the road. So keeping a radar detector helps you stay safe from the consequences of an unplanned crime.

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