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Inflatable pubs for gatherings and parties

by Gerard

If you are planning a backyard party then inflatable pub tents are a must for adding fun to the party. Inflatable pubs are similar to mobile bars you can install both of them anywhere. If you have installed an inflatable pub at a gathering then people can come inside and can ask for a drink. Inflatable pubs are also used for Halloween, playing games as well as getting away from the harsh rays of the sun.

What are inflatable pubs?

The plastic or rubber materials that can be filled with air and can be used for parties and gatherings are called inflatable pubs. Inflatable pubs are made and sold by many companies online and in the markets. Some companies also offer inflatable pub tents for renting out. It depends upon you if you want to use it only once or more times. If you want to use it more times then you should get a new one. Inflatable pubs come in so many designs and sizes. You can see the labels on them. Labels can be “The Pub” or “The bar”. The smallest size that can come in inflatable pub tents is 12 feet, and the largest size is 33 feet long. A larger size can easily fit more than up to 60 people.


These mobile or inflatable pubs are best for parties, events, backyard gatherings, restaurants, carnivals, and so many more purposes. These inflatable tents come with every installation item that is required for setup in the place of your choice. An electric blower usually comes with it which is used to blow the air in and out. The blower can quickly inflate and deflate the pub. If you have a blower with you can blow up the inflatable pub within just 5 minutes, and your pub will be ready for the party. People enjoy nighttime parties in these pubs and these pubs can be customizable. Some inflatable pubs also offer an inflatable fireplace that helps in making you feel extra cozy. You can add furniture like tables and chairs in these pubs to make it look like an actual bar. These are used as a perfect place in events and breweries. You can customize the inflatable pub with the colors of your choice and can also add a sofa and other accessories in that. You can use it to sing your favorite songs while with your friends. The price of the inflatable bars depends upon the size, smaller bars are cheap and bigger pubs are costly.

Are inflatable tents reliable?

Although inflatable tents are filled with air they are reliable and sturdy same as a standard tent. They can withstand even strong winds and rain if fixed properly. Usual ropes are also added in the package of inflatable tents while buying, you can use them. If by chance your inflatable tent is punctured then you don’t have to worry about it, as it comes with a repair kit. You can use that kit in emergencies. For some models, replacement of air tubes is also possible.

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