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The Uses of a Gunny Sack

by Gerard

Gunny sacks have been around for quite a long time. When they were first created, they were mostly used in the agricultural sector to transport commodities from farm storehouses to markets. A gunny sack is made from natural fibres. A common natural fibre used is jute. The fibres are well woven together, which gives these gunny bags great strength to carry heavy weights. Since it’s made from natural fibres, it’s also a great eco-friendly option.

They have found applications in different places. Some of the top uses are:

Storing perishable goods

Although the fibres are woven tightly together, the bags have little breathable holes that allow for air passage. This enables them to hold perishable items for long periods. With air flowing freely through the material, deterioration and spoilage are halted significantly. This is why they are majorly used in the transportation of food from farms to markets and even across continents.


For most people living in cities, this is probably one of the few ways they’ve seen gunny bags being used. They are popularly called sandbags because they are used as embankments to prevent floods from spilling over. If you’ve ever watched a movie or seen clips from old wars, gunny bags are filled with sand and used as a protective fence from flying bullets.

Fashion accessory

Although not a common fashion piece, they have been used to create fashion pieces like bags and other items. They are also designed in different color ranges. Minus the fact of what they represent as a fashion piece, their superb weight carrying capacity makes them ideal to use as fashion material. As an evolving industry, time will tell if it’ll become a global fashion trend.

Nursery bags

Since gunny bags have breathable features, it is an excellent way to hold soil. A required parameter for fertile soils is that they must be well aerated. By filling gunny bags with fertile soils, they can successfully serve as nurseries for plants. They are common in many rural farms where agricultural technology is not prevalent.

Mulching and moisture preservation

Mulch materials are super-rich biodegrading plant materials that provide nutrients to plants. Gunny bags can be used to prepare mulch and protect the top soil from drying out. This is needed in agriculture, especially during the dry months or periods with low rainfall.

Sack racing

This is probably one of the funniest uses of gunny bags, but they’ve served faithfully as sacks for races for many years. Ever heard of sack racing? Well, it is a creative way to compete in a race, but athletes would have to put themselves into a gunny bag and try to outrun each other on a track. Also, with both legs in the gunny bag, running becomes difficult.


Since they were created, Gunny bags have played an important role in most human existence. If it has no other use outside being used to transport food from local farms to market, it still plays a vital role in our survival.

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