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What kind of services CNC machining offers us?

by Gerard

We provide you with the best services such as CNC milling, turning, and electronic discharge machines. Qualified CNC machining service provider can help you with every type of CNC machine parts in both metal and plastics. Besides all these services, it can entertain you with prototypes and production parts.

What is meant by CNC?

CNC is the abbreviation of Computerized Numerical Control. It controls a wide variety of complex machines, which are used to shape and manufacture different parts. These machines are operated by computers and perform different commands. Today with the advancement of technology, G-code language is introduced to these specified machines, to measure different ratings such as speed, feed rate, etc.

Services by CNC machine:

The process of machining is carried out when any material of the machine is removed by using machine cutting technology through physical contact held between material and tool. Services provided by CNC machining are CNC turning, milling, and wire EMD. CNC machines can do three-dimensional cutting and manufacturing immediately.

CNC milling services:

Milling is a process in which we remove extra and undesired material from the machine with a rotary cutter and a sufficient tool. It carries out by selecting the most suited tools, optimized tool paths, and the most preferable milling surface. This process costs less expenditure if average equipment, tools, and cutters are used. It manufactures the most suitable shapes. It uses in manufacturing industries, medical and aerospace industries. Round ad rectangular tools are made by using a CNC milling machine.

CNC turning services:

This process is carried out by rotation of the workpiece without any spinning of the cutting tool. This process is carried out by using different metals and plastics which include: aluminum, magnesium, steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, nylon, ABS, POM, and PEI. CNC turning machines are also called lathe machines. The benefits of a CNC turning machine are: it gives us desired surface finishing, and consumes less energy than other machining processes. Swiss lathes give better support for materials as tooling machines. It helps in creating features on the tools such as drilled holes, tapers, screws, and shafts.

Wire electrical discharge machine services:

It is also called a sparking machine or wire burning because this process is carried out by electrical sparks using a wire. The material is melted by heating it through an electrode wire, which releases electrical discharge to create heat and the material is removed to manufacture a desired shape product. It is used in shaping hard materials and materials with the most complicated features. Typical gear is one of the best examples of EDM.

CNC router services:

These are the machines which are consisted of the hand-held router and are used for many carpentry works, cutting of plastic materials, metals, glass, and foams. They are used in manufacturing items such as frames and panels made of wood, musical instruments, door, and wall carvings and decorations. Two types of software are inserted in the computer router machine, one is to manufacture the designs and the second one is used to translate them to computer-specific language such as G-code. The controller selects the machine tool, depth of cut, speed, and path of the tool to manufacture the desired shape of the instrument.

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